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Back and forth to Vista [part 1]

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We were visiting friends Andrea and Neal in Southern California.  Their home is inviting and peaceful.  We feel nourished there by their love, their hospitality, their organic foods prepared with such care and by the treating us to a view through the window of their favorite things.  One of those things is the Vista Farmer’s Market on Saturdays.  This particular Saturday morning in August started out cool and turned into a glorious warm sunny day filled with rays of hope.


As we sipped our morning coffee and the sun began its dance, Andrea and Neal announced that we would be heading out for a special treat.  We would be headed to the Vista Farmer’s Market.  They expressed that this was the market of all markets for them.  The heirloom tomatoes were to die for, the flowers were beyond expression and the breakfast tamales – forget about it!  We were so excited to venture slightly north to experience this special market.  We loaded into Andrea’s comfy BMW convertible and began our freedom trek of things to be discovered.


Little did I know that this trek would be the beginning of something new and treasured for many years to come.  As we pulled into this very active yet peaceful market scene we started meandering together stopping at the heirloom tomato feast.  WOW.  I did not realize tomatoes existed in so many colors with such richness in flavor.  We then moved on to the tamales both which remains to be in the top 5 favorite food list for my husband.  After our tamale feast we disbanded so that we could each linger at the booths of our choice with a plan to reconvene at the crepes tent.


I strolled slowly through the sea of Southern Californian market aficionados.  As I continued seeking something that would speak to me as I passed booth after booth.  I did not know what I was in search of until I was lured into a booth with organic soaps, candles and such.  Sure we have all seen candles and soaps before but this stop was a very unique one.  There were rows of soaps with words on them.  Not just any words but words of “intention.”  I browsed through the words and there was one that just kept shouting out at me.  For such a quiet word is seemed to project a shouting that said, pick me pick me.  Apparently, this was the soap I was supposed to purchase.  There was no doubt in my mind.  I asked the lovely woman in the booth to wrap it up.  We had a brief conversation about her art.  She explained that the soaps are made so that you can wash the intention over you.  Additionally, the soap was preciously wrapped in seed paper.  You can plant the paper, water and nurture it as you watch the intention grow.  Wow, so California I thought.  I loved the thought of the entire ritual.


It was somewhat amazing to me that it was so easy to choose just one bar of soap.  After all, I was born under the sign of Gemini so it has always been easy for me to narrow down a choice to 2 things but then I struggle to whittle the choice to just one thing.  It’s really an odd phenomenon that often leads to the purchase of two things.  Not this day at the Vista Farmer’s Market, one bar of soap, one word, one more step to a new life of intention.  I was grateful for finding this treasured booth with these treasured gifts and this beautiful woman who created these treasures.  Her name was Joy.  I was grateful to have found this Joy and her little world within this market.  For a few moments I had forgotten that the market was going on around me.  It was time to reconnect with my husband and friends.


As we all headed back to our little slice of heaven at Andrea and Neal’s we all raved about the things that we each discovered.  I shared that I had found Joy.  Of course, that quieted the crowd.  I went on to share with them the story of the intentions soaps and that one of the intentions had chosen me.  The word that had spoken so loudly to me was now in my possession but it would take some time for me to more fully embrace what I was supposed to do with it.  The word was surrender.  How does one really surrender anyway?  I’m not sure the crowd was prepared to respond.  We moved on to other more topics that we thought might be a bit easier to answer, like what is your favorite tamale.  There was no one answer for this one either.  The overall conclusion of the Vista FM on this day – it’s all good.


Since that rich experience filled with adventure, friendship, nourishment and choices, many subsequent trips back to the West Coast and Vista have followed.  I have been lead back to the booth filled with soap, candles and Joy and have been blessed by a new friend, a new intention and a blooming of self that I had not anticipated from the beginning of a simple stroll.


I had 11 months and a few weeks to think about surrender before I would see Joy again.

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By Robin Hurst, Copyrighted 2012