How Can I Choose? by Robin Hurst

4As I continued to ask, “Who am I to write this book?” God kept on answering, “It’s not about you. It’s about who I AM and about who I can reach through this work.” So, here YOU are reading it right now.

My soul is stirred. My heart is full. My gratitude overflows. My hope shines bright as I trust God in knowing that all He provides is enough. I continue to seek a growing relationship with Him which adds richness to all areas of my life. Praise God!


“This story is a pure delight! My heart is filled with hope for children and parents who will read this sweet book. I believe How Can I Choose? is a must for a child’s collection.”
Mo Anderson, Vice Chairman of the Board, Keller Williams Realty International


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Robin, her husband, Ken, and their dog, Lollie live in Richmond, Virginia, still seeking answers but trusting that God knows the way. Robin’s Your Path Matters® artistic, relevant and unique message jewelry is also available to view on this site.

Author, Speaker, Designer, Robin Hurst with Fetcher, Poser, Family Dog, Lollie



friends are what's important Ever-curious seven year old Gracie embarks on a crossroads journey in conversation with God. As she and her loyal dog, Enuf, walk, Gracie poses questions about topics in life that trouble her like comparison, trust and fear. She is not totally sure if she is ready for God’s answers, but she soon finds that seeking His guidance on the less traveled path brings joy and hope to her heart. She cannot wait to tell everyone about her discoveries!


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Ever-curious Gracie