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Robin Hurst

Your Path Matters™ is a result of my own personal path. My soul has been stirred. My heart will never be the same. I share my story with the hope that you will discover or understand a new part of your own story. I’m learning that greater understanding and insight brings with it great opportunity.


Letting Go
While my life looked “shiny” or successful on the outside to most it felt kind of dark and lonely for a period of several years. These years were difficult but have become sacred now that I have greater understanding on the other side of them. I Thank God for this broken time in my life so that I could break free from self-pity (embarrassing to admit), from self-doubt (though I appeared confident on the outside) and from my tendency to control nearly everything around me in life, in business and in my marriage. God bless my husband who loved me through it all while I was busy crushing his spirit. I’m grateful that I had guard rails in place that kept me from moving into a full depression state. These guard rails included mentors, coaches, honest friends and my precious husband who did not give up on me. Guardrails are important.

Taking Responsibility
When I finally paused, reflected, became grateful and took responsibility for my own path in a new and different way, I began to experience my own life with clearer vision. My life was filled with a greater desire to use my gifts to lift others not just myself. My life was like a blooming flower, an unfolding story filled with messages, discoveries and God moments. As this shift began to take place within me my journey of filled to fulfilled, discouragement to dreaming, and daily tasks to purpose was picking up momentum. My definition of success began to change. The choices that I made each day carried more significance.

I began to understand how much my choices really mattered… how much my decisions really mattered… how much my path really matters! This I desire to be the case for everyone reading this page right now. I encourage you to believe. I encourage you to share the message with others because YOUR PATH MATTERS™! You can make a difference along with me… one heart at a time.

I hope you will share this site with others who may need to be encouraged. No matter where you are in your journey, it is still possible to lift others as you go. This, I have found, is part of healing, strength and fulfillment.

Remember, Your Path Matters™!