About YPM

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A look into MY path and how I have come to believe in how much YOUR Path Matters! Each path may look a little different but each one MATTERS! I am hopeful that in sharing my path that you may discover something important or new about your own.

Finding Your Path

Your Path Matters is about living the life that means the most to you deep within your soul. We have choices to make each day. Will you choose THIS day the path of least resistance, the path of main stream culture, the path that meets the approval of others or will you choose the path of your heart, the path of gratitude, trust, courage, faith – the path less traveled?

I hope that TODAY you pause, that TODAY you take a deep breath, and TODAY you will intentionally choose the path that means the most to you. A path that is rooted in your deepest beliefs and a path that will lead you to the dreams planted in your heart.


It takes strength and courage to surrender. I was moving along the culture path – my life looking shiny to most from the outside but empty and a bit lonely on the inside. I did not realize how many insecurities I was holding on to. As I let go and surrendered a little bit at a time, my life began to expand in meaningful ways. My tight fists that were holding on to control began to release and open up fully. I thought control was the way to guide my own life down a path that would suit me well.

As it turns out – the more I surrender control – the greater my life becomes. The more I surrender, the more God can show me that His plan for me is greater than I could have even imagined. God has a plan for you too! Are your fists closed tightly guiding your life in each minute detail or are they open to the possibilities ahead? Go ahead, just try. Open your palms, take a deep breath, pause and imagine your wildest dreams coming true.… It all starts with Surrender.


Trust was inside of me as long as I was in control of all the outcomes! LOL! When I reached a crossroads that revealed to me that I clearly was NOT in control of most of the outcomes, I felt as though I was being newly introduced to the definition of the word trust. I had to learn (and that is an ongoing lesson) to trade my tight fists of control for faith. The more I lean into trusting God the more free or unattached to the results I become.

It’s hard sometimes to trust something, someone I cannot see or physically hear. It’s hard to understand that God really IS. I only know that I have witnessed so many miraculous, unexplainable circumstances in my life that are far beyond what I am “in charge of.” As trust goes, I have to remind myself over and over to let go and to just love others, love myself and above all trust that God loves me too no matter what.


When I finally began to really believe that letting go, surrendering, trusting was more fulfilling than holding on tight to every detail I began to see God really working in my life. I know that my husband became grateful of this revelation. No longer did I yearn for him to be perfect (as I defined the word) in every way. I realized that I expected so much of him only because I expected perfection of myself. It’s hard to realize that no matter how much we try perfection is never attained. In fact, I began to realize the more perfect I expected my world to become the smaller my world became.

Believing in greater things, focusing on greater dreams and accepting myself, my husband and those around me for the beautiful people they were created to be helped me to believe on so many levels that life has more to offer than looking good on the outside. I prefer to wear my pink cowgirl boots and step out in joy and freedom of spirit. How about you? When was the last time you wore your pink cowgirl boots?