January, 2013

The Morning Fog

The words for this poem entered my head and heart as I was walking in November 2011 along Riverside Drive. The fog was so thick I could not see the river at all yet I knew it was still there. I knew it existed for sure. But if it had been my first walk along that river that morning, I may have never known a river flowed there. Read more →

Ask, Seek, Knock

For me, “believing” did not happen overnight – it happened over time. Just a few years ago, I began to read, to study, to ask, to seek, to knock. Sometimes I feel like I need to complete some tasks on my “to do” list to make progress. Sometimes when doing gets tiresome, I feel like all I can do is pray for guidance and listen for answers. Listening can be the tricky part for me. Read more →

My Kindergarten Report Card

When you were born you were made just the way you are. You had no control of being born blonde, brunette or red haired. Just as we do not control what natural abilities are placed in us. Don’t you know it when you witness natural talent. Read more →

The Breakfast Special

There is every day life, every day friends, every day responsibility, and then there is the last Friday morning of each month.  Though the last Friday of each month occupies only one day on the calendar it is anticipated every other day – during which “everyday life” is taking place. Read more →