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The Morning Fog

The words for this poem entered my head and heart as I was walking in November 2011 along Riverside Drive. The fog was so thick I could not see the river at all yet I knew it was still there. I knew it existed for sure. But if it had been my first walk along that river that morning, I may have never known a river flowed there.

This November day I was feeling stuck, in between where I’ve already been and where I am headed. It felt as though I was not making progress forward on my path toward my purpose and toward what God has in store for me.

The words to this poem were just rushing in. It was clear that I was supposed to receive this message “of in between” that I now share with you.

The MORNING FOG – “The In Between”

The fogginess of morning

Blocks the river from my view

I know for sure it flows there

Just as God’s promises do


My walk moves on in silence

Reflecting on the unseen

Making deliberate choices

On the road of in between


These choices—each one matters

Some big, some small each day

Together they make footprints

Of my life along the way


May my heart…


Always see the blessings

And not the morning fog

My spirit remain lifted

As God reveals His call.

These thoughts and words give me comfort. They remind me to be present each day. They remind me that it is not necessary or important for me to plan out every detail of this day or of my life. Living faithfully in the moment can bring peace. For this I am grateful this day.

By Robin Hurst

©2011,Robin Hurst, All In Retreats, LLC

Does your mind sometimes run ahead? As you intentionally take a moment to appreciate and embrace THIS moment what thoughts of gratitude fill your heart?