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Today is my Father’s birthday.  I miss him deeply.  I was blessed to have written and read the “What I Learned from My Dad” to him on this very day last year.  I added some writing around the tribute to share as eleven days later as he unexpectedly passed on from this world to be with our great Father in heaven.  This is what I shared that day in May 20114All Time Favorite with Dad

My precious Dad moved on to heaven a week and a half ago. I miss him deeply. I know we all have special loves in our lives. My father was and always will be one of those for me. It is from experience I give YOU these words of encouragement. If there are words unspoken you wish you could speak to those still in your life whom you love in a special way – speak them. If there are loved ones who are no longer here on this earth yet you have words still to say – say them. God is an awesome messenger.

Just 3 weeks ago we were gathered for Dad’s 87th birthday. I wrote something special to read to him at his party. I am grateful these words were shared at a time I could feel his hand squeezing mine and could see the loving expression in his eyes.


By Your Devoted Daughter, Robin

copyright©Robin W Hurst 201420140507164236_00225A

I’ve learned to love with a generous heart instead of judge with a limited perspective.

I’ve learned to be kind because the world needs more kindness.

I’ve learned to ask questions about God as a way to grow my faith.

I’ve learned to be patient rather than quick to respond without thoughtfulness.

I’ve learned caring for others matters.

I’ve learned to celebrate birthdays with joy instead of just tracking the years.

I’ve learned I can be strong yet posses a gentle spirit.20140507164236_00080A

I’ve learned that laughter and love always trump worry.

I’ve learned to do the right thing just because it’s the right thing.

I’ve learned that humility has a soft voice and a strong presence.

AND also

that handsome and humility can exist in the same package.

I’ve learned to understand and receive our Great God, Father in heaven because I have been given such an amazing father here on earth.

I love you Dad. Thank you for teaching me all of these lessons through the way you live your life.

All my life, my father modeled the Fruit of the Spirit which is a gift from God as in Galations 5:22-23… But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Even though my Dad lost his legs about three years ago, he stood taller than ever. While he became more physically challenged, he received care graciously just the way he had provided it for so many. (My Dad was an exceptional physician.) He remained engaged in life fully and his character remained unshakable.

As it says in 2 Corinthians 7 and Philippians 1:7 from God’s word…

“You greatly encouraged me” and “You have a special place in my heart.” God made my Dad this way to encourage and to love in such a way he made a special impression on your heart. He did this every day of his life. He will inspire me for all the rest of the days of my own life. I pray that I will pour into others what my Father (earthly Father and Father in heaven) has poured into me.