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I Give to You…OUR SONG of the Year

This Valentine’s month I share a piece of my heart with you – Our “Song of the Year”.

Do you ever feel like you just don’t need any more “boxes wrapped in strings, or designer love and empty things” as the Goo Goo Dolls say so eloquently in their song Better Days?

Well, the past few years my husband and I have felt this to be more and more true for us. So, one of the most rewarding gifts we have shared has been a song to call our own. A song to hold, to share, to revisit all year.

Some years we slow dance when I unveil the song. Last year my family participated in the gift and we did a “mini family flash mob!” It was hilarious and touching at the same time. This year it was more simple and more private.

I understand that not everyone is married. Of course songs can be shared between friends, sisters, loved ones or just with someone who you know would benefit from the gift of song. For my story, this song is shared with my husband, Ken.

As I played the gift of “our” song to Ken this year, I watched him fill up. I watched him really receive it. As he simply listened to each word, he reached under his glasses to catch a tear from falling. How grateful I am to have this man to share life with.

There is a word in this year’s song, by Darius Rucker, that provided a startling flashback for me. I know you will easily detect it in the chorus below.

“We are ONE heartbeat in the darkness.

We are ONE lasting answer to prayer.

We are ONE unbroken promise…”


“We are ONE before our God in heaven.

We are ONE road when the going gets rough.

We are ONE now and forever. We are ONE name, ONE life, ONE flame.

We are two, True Believers.”

It’s true. We have not always been all these things.

But today… I am grateful to be in this life, this marriage, this walk of faith with my husband. He believes in me when it’s impossible for me to do so. He loves me when it isn’t easy. He gives me his heart and prays for joy to enter my every day. I’m not sure how I ended up with THIS man in my life, but what I do know is that I pray that I can honor him – now and forever – as much as he loves me.

Nearly 21 years ago I had his wedding band engraved with ONE word. YUP. That word is ONE.

I feel it more deeply now than I could have ever imagined twenty and a half years ago when the word was engraved there. Since then, along with our love for each other, our loses in life, our struggles in relationship and challenges in business we are growing to understand what “ONE before our God in heaven” means.

We get to live this life together and share the love that fills our hearts with the many people – like you – who enter our lives through one avenue or another. We are two truly blessed believers.

Do you have a special song that you hold in your heart? Is there a line of a favorite song that you would like to share? I’d love to hear about it. Music makes my heart sing!

I hope you will download Darius Rucker’s song, True Believers so that you can hear it in its entirety.