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A Billboard, a Bumper Sticker…

Part II of – I need a sign…

A Skywriter, a Billboard, a Bumper Sticker and a Phone Call…

Sometimes it is easy to write things off to coincidence and other times it’s just impossible to do so. Sometimes the signs are so loud and clear that hope and reassurance fill my heart. As I continue to follow my life path it’s nearly impossible for me to ignore the signs that are placed in front of me.

My Dad has always possessed a very special part of my heart. My Dad practiced medicine in the times when house calls were still made. In fact, he would often travel on his bike or a scooter with his black crocodile medical bag in tow. He was always ready, always willing and always filled with a guiding spirit of care. My Dad truly has a servant heart.

There was one thing about my Dad that made me pause. I was fearful of that he doubted faith and God. While that doubt was easy to understand, it was difficult for me to accept. I believe that Heaven is for real and I wanted my Dad to believe that too.

A few years ago, I discovered the book, Faith and Doubt by John Ortberg. It was reassuring to see the words together. I planned to gift this book to my Dad for his 82nd birthday. I wanted to write a dedication in it for him, but I was struggling for just the right message. After all, what would he think about receiving a book about faith from his daughter? What would he say? Would he reject it? Would he be offended by it? What would my mother think about it?

On my drive to our annual vacation to Oak Island, NC, with the book and my journal on the passenger seat, I spoke a prayer out loud. “Dear God, I think that I am supposed to give this book to my Dad. I want to write something meaningful and important in the front of it. I have concern about my Dad’s faith and especially about his doubts. I fear that he does not believe in heaven and therefore he may be rejecting you and hope of heaven. I need your help.”

All of a sudden words came to me. There I was driving about 60 miles an hour on the highway, yet I needed to write the words that came or they would surely escape me. I opened my journal and scribbled (almost not legibly) the words that were rushing in while keeping my eyes fixed on the road. Here are the exact words:

“Dear Dad, Faith is accepting God’s love and laying down your questions so that he can answer them for you in His time. It’s the trust and belief in the meantime that God awaits. Jesus came for you Dad. I pray you will accept his love and leave the rest up to God.”

About 2 miles later, approximately mile post 386, after I wrote these very words a large billboard appeared on the side of the road. It had one brief sentence on it: God loves you. Eternity is long. Pray. John 15:16

I was floored! Really? Just after I had said a prayer and written a message to my Dad about faith and love because I was worried about his eternity this billboard appears.

While still in my state of awe a small two door sedan passed me on the right hand side. Clearly my spellbound state slowed down my driving. I was startled by this little zippy minicoop that then abruptly pulled in front of me. That little car had one simple bumper sticker on it. YUP, you guessed it, the sticker said, “JOHN 15:16!” I kid you not. I was now at mile post 406 looking at this little message machine in from of me. I had to shout out loud, “are you kidding me?”

Clearly, the message I had received to share with my Dad was exactly what I was supposed to share. No more doubt for me. I will trust and give the gift of this book with love to my Dad. I will let go of my fears and allow God to take care of the rest. Decision made.

Have you ever desired to share your faith or belief with someone but were afraid? I encourage you to ASK God. He is creative.

Have you ever seen or heard an answer AND THEN see it or hear it a second time (repeating messages)? I’d love to hear about it,

John 15:16 – You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit – fruit that will last – and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.

Go and bear fruit my friends!

Thank you makesweet.com for the great creative billboard picture!