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I Need a Sign …A Skywriter..


A Skywriter, a Billboard, a Bumper Sticker and a phone call…

Just ask… Really?

I am learning how amazing and powerful prayer just is. There have been times when I have so badly desired God’s guidance. Do you ever feel like that? While, for me, His answers are not always clear sometimes the answers show up in such a big way there is no mistaking they are a response to my “ask.”

The very first time I remember intentionally asking for a sign, I was sort of new at this believing thing. I was not really sure that God could love me so much that he would provide personal answers to prayer requests. I thought that I would give it a try even though the magnitude of this love was hard to grasp.

Shortly after I had made a commitment to try on this God life, I was invited to go on a girls golf trip. I had reservations about this trip as the others in the party walked on the wild side and I was pretty sure they might not “know Jesus.” Silly, really. I know that. I wanted to share what I was learning but was afraid I might be rejected by them. So, I decided to ask God, “please send me a sign in a way that makes it possible for me to share my new found faith.” I wondered if and how God might show up on this trip to answer me. After all, I was new at this prayer thing. I didn’t have any idea if God even answered such prayers when there are so many greater needs in the world.

We arrived at our sunny Florida destination, checked into our resort accommodations, enjoyed a delicious dinner and free flowing wine together, played games and prepared for our first day of golf to follow. So far, conversations had been far from faith and God. I was just waiting for that sign.

The next day, as we made our way around the course my foursome was approaching the 11th hole. One of the girls in my group shouted out, “Hey look up! Can you believe that?” I looked up. There it was clear as day in a cloudless brilliant blue sky – a skywriter poetically scribing his message in perfect small plane script “Jesus loves you!” I kid you not. BAM! As you can imagine, this stirred some fired up conversation that was not even initiated by me. The conversation began with “what a waste of money and time.” My response to this invitation was, “Can you imagine how much the pilot must love Jesus to share his time and money to send us this message?”

The other foursome shouted from the elevated green behind us. “Hey, do you guys see that?” The answer shouted back by my cart partner, “Yea, we see it. Robin loves it!” End of conversation. Mission accomplished. All I had to do was ask and look up.

I believe that God sends us signs big and small every day. Have you ever asked for a sign? Tell us about it – make a comment.

Thank you www.ghulmil.com for the beautiful skywriter picture!


Be on the lookout for part II of “A Skywriter, A Billboard, A bumper Sticker and a Phone Call…”